How to use the Ancient Wisdom of Chakra Energy to choose your first Perfume

How to use the Ancient Wisdom of Chakra Energy to choose your first Perfume

All elements of the chakra system are closely connected with each other. It is difficult to focus only on damaged chakra, so it is better to balance the entire system. There are many ways to influence the chakras. Wondering how to go about aligning all of your chakras? Here's a guide! 

First of all - What are the Chakras?

The chakra system consists of channels and active points that facilitate energy flow throughout the body. When open, chakras are like whirlwinds that evenly distribute energy throughout 7 vital points, maintaining holistic well-being. Blockages disrupt this balance, manifesting as emotional or mental symptoms. Recognizing stagnant emotions is key to restoring harmony within the energy system.

All emotions that we experience are necessary for the growth of the soul. However, staying in one state for too long upsets the balance in the energy system. Certain emotions affect different chakras. Therefore, through recognizing an emotion, one can understand what needs to heal. To do this, it is crucial to objectively observe & be honest with yourself.

How Do Perfumes & Crystals affect the Chakras?

Ancient Ayurvedic rituals used both aromatics & crystal energy to remove blockages in chakras as both crystals & perfume contain certain energetic structures based on the ingredients within. When applied, these vibrations merge with a person's aura and subtle body. Unlike other practices, where a person can block the energy flow, smell can easily get to our consciousness through olfactory centers along the sensory fibers, and directly affect the brain. Therefore, this can serve as a gentle trigger to send you on a healing journey, change your atmosphere, and elevate your mood. 

How to use Perfume Infused with Crystal Energy to Align Your Chakras:

Start from the base:

  1. Muladhara - Root Chakra:
    • What Is It?
      • The first chakra is the most material one. It is blocked by fear, insecurity, constant anxiety, fear of making a mistake or poor decision, and being overly responsible. Most often, it concerns fears for the financial situation and the future. 
    • How to Align it?
      • Through the use of TRUST with Tiger's Eye Crystal Energy Perfume.
      • Immerse yourself in the grounding embrace of Tiger's Eye, a crystal renowned for its ability to align the Root Chakra. As the warm, woody, oud scent of Sandalwood envelops your senses, experience a harmonious blend that anchors you to the present moment. With every spritz, feel the subtle energies of Tiger's Eye & Sandalwood infusing your being, fostering a profound sense of security and balance. 
  2. Swadhisthana - Sacral Chakra:
    • What Is It? 
      • The second chakra shuts down from constant feelings of guilt and shame. If it happens, we do not allow ourselves to rejoice, enjoy life. We feel unworthy of joy. There is also a decline in sexual energy, relationship problems and low self-esteem. This disrupts our ability to tap into our creativity. 
    • How to Align it?
      • Through the use of PLEASURE with Rose Quartz Crystal Energy Perfume
      • The delicate, floral notes of Rose Petal intertwine with the warm, passionate energies of Rose Quartz, creating a sensorial symphony that evokes sensuality and self-love. Each spritz envelops you in a cocoon of pleasure allowing the Sacral Chakra to blossom & encouraging a profound connection to your body, emotions, and inner-divinity. 
  3. Manipura - Solar Plexus Chakra:
    • What Is It? 
      • The third chakra is blocked by aggression and anger. These emotions are considered unacceptable in society, so we get used to suppressing them and not even accepting them. They accumulate and cause destruction internally & conversely even lead to a lack of self esteem or motivation. 
    • How to Align it?
      • Through the use of EMPOWER with Yellow Jade Crystal Energy Perfume 
      • Infused with the empowering energy of Yellow Jade crystal, this fragrance combines seamlessly with the invigorating notes of Cinnamon, creating an aromatic symphony that sparks personal strength & resonates to your core. Allow the energizing vibrations of Yellow Jade to awaken the vitality of your Solar Plexus Chakra, while the spicy allure of cinnamon adds a touch of zest to your aura. 
  4. Anahata - Heart Chakra:
    • What Is It? 
      • The fourth chakra shuts down from sadness, anguish, isolation, and distrust. This can be connected with relationships between people, losing a loved one, or fading feelings. 
    • How to Align it?
      • Through the use of ADORE with Green Aventurine Crystal Energy Perfume
      • This magnetic fusion of Green Aventurine crystal and Ylang Ylang fragrance is designed to draw love and abundance into your life by unlocking your Heart Chakra. The vibrant, floral notes of Ylang Ylang intertwine with the serene, heart-healing properties of Green Aventurine, creating an aromatic magnetism that draws positivity and affection into your life. 
  5. Vishuddha - Throat Chakra:
    • What Is It? 
      • Lies, dishonesty, and lack of confidence in one's voice block the fifth chakra. The fear of speaking the truth stems from a fear of rejection and a tendency to aim to please others while sacrificing oneself. 
    • How to Align it?
      • Through the use of VOICE with Lapis Lazuli Crystal Energy Perfume
      • Enriched with the majestic energy of Lapis Lazuli crystal and the invigorating notes of Bergamot, this perfume opens the door to self-expression and authenticity. With each spritz, this perfume envelops you in a harmonious blend, encouraging the confidence to allow for the free flow of your voice and opening of your Throat Chakra.
  6. Ajna - Third Eye Chakra:
    • What Is It? 
      • The sixth chakra goes beyond emotions. It is blocked by a lack of contact with our intuition. The inability to notice signs from the outside world and to listen to our inner voice, feelings and thoughts.
    • How to Align it?
      • Through the use of MANIFEST with Labradorite Crystal Energy Perfume 
      • Infused with the mystical energy of Labradorite crystal and the invigorating essence of Mint, this perfume pulses with clarity and intuition. With each application, this perfume surrounds you in an awakening blend, aimed at opening your Third Eye Chakra and encouraging a deeper connection with your inner self.
  7. Sahasrara - Crown Chakra:
    • What Is It? 
      • A lack of faith and apathy blocks the seventh chakra. A spiritually developed person may not profess a particular religion. They understand that there are higher powers, divine energy. That provides respect towards all beliefs, wisdom and tolerance, divine love for the world around. Without faith, a person feels loneliness and constraint in a material shell. In the body, this can be manifested by depression and mental disturbances.
    • How to Align it?
      • Through the use of ENLIGHTEN with White Quartz Crystal Energy Perfume
      • Imbued with the serene energy of White Quartz crystal and the ancient divine essence of Lotus scent, this perfume is a symphony of enlightenment and spiritual awakening that was meticulously crafted to harmonize and align your Crown Chakra.

It's essential to approach chakra alignment as a gradual and mindful process, allowing each energy center to harmonize before moving on to the next.

If you're not sure which to begin with, we recommend starting at the base with your Root Chakra & working your way up your energy system from there. 



Wishing you infinite bliss on your journey to align your inner opulence with nature's power always, 

The Opulent Scents Team

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