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ENLIGHTEN with White Quartz Crystal Energy Perfume

ENLIGHTEN with White Quartz Crystal Energy Perfume

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Introducing "ENLIGHTEN with White Quartz Crystal Energy Perfume", a celestial fragrance meticulously crafted to harmonize and align your Crown Chakra. Imbued with the serene energy of White Quartz crystal and the ancient divine essence of Lotus scent, this perfume is a symphony of enlightenment and spiritual awakening. With each gentle mist, this perfume beckons you on a fragrant journey that encourages connection to higher realms of consciousness. The tranquil vibrations of White Quartz meld seamlessly with Lotus's delicate exotic floral aroma, creating an olfactory experience designed to amplify initiative awareness and foster spiritual connection. Embrace the fusion of scent and crystal energy with this aromatic talisman on the ultimate journey to inner wisdom, spiritual awakening, and divine connection to the opulence of every moment.
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ONE beautifully carved and polished authentic White Quartz Crystal refillable perfume bottle.

FOUR curated 25 ml/0.85 oz. Unisex Eau de Parfum vials designed to enhance the power of your crystal.


STEP 1: Unscrew the cap of the large White Quartz Crystal perfume bottle.

STEP 2: Pour 1 perfume vial into the heart of your crystal. 

STEP 3: Close the cap and keep the remaining 3 vials away for future moments of delight.

STEP 4: Spray and allow the fragrant mist, imbued with the radiant energy of the crystal, to envelop you in positive energy & align with your spirit’s innate opulence.


Our naturally derived Crystal stones are mined, polished, and engraved. Since the stones are naturally sourced from Mother Earth, each can come in a slightly different shape and size, making it truly unique to you!

All of our Crystal Perfume bottles are quality tested to hold 25ml of perfume, regardless of the unique shape or size.


Top: The first notes you smell

Lotus Flower, Fig

Heart: The base of the perfume


Base: The notes that linger all day

Musk, Amber







To ensure your crystal-infused perfume maintains its luxurious scent and energetic properties, store it upright in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat. Keep the bottle tightly closed & upright always to prevent leakage, evaporation, or oxidation. Avoid exposing the perfume to extreme temperatures or humidity, as this can alter its composition. By following these simple steps, you'll preserve the quality and potency of your fragrance, allowing you to enjoy its benefits for many years to come!

Begin the Journey

Begin the Journey

What are Crystal-Infused Perfumes?

Scents and crystal stones have a profound connection. They intertwine to offer a holistic healing experience. Fragrance, with its evocative power, has the ability to influence our emotions and well-being, and when paired with the vibrational energies of crystal stones, this synergy becomes even more potent. Each crystal carries its unique healing properties, resonating with different chakras and aspects of our being. When incorporated into perfume, crystals infuse the fragrance with their innate energies, creating a harmonious blend that can help balance and align our spiritual, emotional, and physical states with the innate balance of mother earth. As the fragrance lingers on your skin, the energies of the crystal become a constant companion, subtly influencing your mood, mindset, and overall energy throughout the day & offer a lasting reminder of the profound connection between the opulent natural world and our opulent inner selves.

It's a sensory journey that not only delights the senses but also nurtures the soul, inviting us to revel in the opulence of mother nature's gifts and connect with the profound healing energies she offers.

How to Align your Chakras with Opulent Scents

Chart showing how Opulent Scent's crystal and perfume curations combine to help each of the 7 chakras on each human body.

What are Chakras?

Chakras are energy centers in the body. There are 7 main Chakras aligned along the spine, from the base to the crown of the head. These spinning wheels of energy regulate the flow of life force energy, and when balanced, contribute to overall well-being and harmony.

How do I know which Chakra to start with?

If in doubt, we recommend starting from the Root and working your way up each chakra to balance your whole system.

The lower Chakras, including the Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus, are associated with foundational aspects of human existence, such as survival, emotions, and confidence. These Chakras govern our connection to the physical world and self. In contrast, the higher Chakras - Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown - focus on more spiritual and transcendent qualities. They deal with love, communication, intuition, and spiritual connection, guiding us toward a higher understanding of ourselves and the universe. Balancing all chakras is crucial for overall well-being and harmony.  For further detail on each Chakra specifically, please see HERE!

How does perfume infused with crystal energy affect Chakra Alignment?

Crystals are known to emit a unique vibration that resonates with specific Chakras, influencing energy flow and restoring balance to overactive or underactive Chakras. Additionally, each perfume’s chemical construct contains a certain energy structure based on the ingredients within. When applied, this is absorbed into the skin, giving its valuable vibrations to the person's aura and the subtle body. Unlike other practices, where a person can block the energy flow, smell can easily get to our consciousness through olfactory centers along the sensory fibers, and directly affect the brain. Therefore, it can serve as a gentle trigger to send you on a healing journey, change your atmosphere, and change your mood. 

Perfume infused with crystal energy serves as an effective tool to align each Chakra to create optimal vitality and inner balance. Give it a try - You deserve to align with your inner opulence today!